Essay about internet use history network

Internet is an acronym that is used to refer to internetworking which was adapted in early 70s. Users all over the globe use an internet protocol to access information from unified computers all over the world. The users can only access information from internet sources when they are given permission by relevant authorities.

Originally, the internet was developed for communication between researchers in different universities. As the demand for internet grew all over the world, demand for new techniques were necessary to accommodate the growing demand worldwide. The growth of internet has since escalated all over the world as a result of increased usage. Now the internet has evolved to be one of the most vital tools in communications and broadcast of information.

It has been embraced by all stakeholders in the world including individuals, private sector and government agencies. This helps in spreading of information and increases understanding between people of different backgrounds thus bringing about friendship. They settled on building a network with the first one linking Stanford Institute of research and California University. Ten years down the line, there was significant growth in the industry because more than institutions had subscribed for the interconnection network.

When it was first developed, it main purpose was to facilitate for exchanging comments which is still used today to relay internet protocols. Before the internet was invented communication systems were restricted in nature. They were based on the fundamental central processing unit of a computer.

It only allowed sharing information between specified places. As the necessity of internet use increased, programs were put in place to find out and survey the possibility of standard interconnections between physically separate systems. Different states came in to participate with the likelihood of designing a network which could allow communication between them.

Essay On History Of Network Security

The USSR on the other hand launched their technology which motivated the United States to develop more superior machinery in their army to allow interactions and linkage between their computers and the pentagon. With the offset of research programs to develop a solitary networking working structure, a digital networking system was developed. Luckanavanaporn 23 argued that, research brought about upgrading and development of several packet switching networking solutions comprising several protocols.

This eventually led to the idea of global networking, called the internet, in a typical protocol. After the idea was born, internet was quickly embraced across the world but still the poor countries lacked behind.

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Providers of the internet commercialized and ran their services privately after all these developments. These brought about huge changes on culture and trade as investors ventured new markets. The department of the American defense funded research plans towards development of military which were aimed at solving their problems.

They were especially interested in developing away of communication with each other using computers. These developments would advance development in technology and offer a protected command and manage information during wartime.

The department began to concern itself with building an efficient network. Research was conducted to determine whether there could be communication between computers in different universities without the necessity of a central system. Interface message processor IMPwhich was the basis of the communication system, was developed.

This processor was used for forming the network between computers. These were the backbone of packet switching network. The packet switching system became more reliable as it had more advantages because it could not be destroyed easily because it did not depend entirely on one computer.

However these system ran into problems and so there was a need to develop a new technology.

essay about internet use history network

Network control protocol was developed to curb this problem Luckanavanaporn, This became the concept of networking. After all these innovations were developed, a satellite was running as more and more host was connected over the lines.

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This technology however could not accommodate many hosts so they had to design another one for a large network. Broadcast control procedures were developed.Computers started being networked with one another in the late 80s.

That is why understanding the history of network security can help us grasp how important it is today. This is especially true given the number of potential cyberattacks that happen worldwide. Please note, that before the 90s, the concept of having a network of computers was fairly uncommon. And, there was a considerably small number of people in the populace who even had access to the internet. So, security at that time was really not a major concern or focus.

But, as more and more sensitive information became accessible, the import of network security increased significantly. The internet was actually called the Arpanet back in the 70s and 80s. And, researchers fueled their downtime with practical jokes played online. While they amused one another with these antics, they also served an important purpose.

The jokes played on the Arpanet revealed the flaws in the network security of that time. While the risk was minimal because these jokers all knew one another professionally, it was still very revelatory.

During that period in this technological revolution, some serious violations occurred. Hackers are dangerous individuals who seek to gain access to sensitive or personal information over the internet.

Sometimes their plans are even more heinous. Network security exists to stop them. By the late 80s, network usage was expanding rapidly. Universities, militaries, and governments were connecting. That made the security need expansive. Computer worms came into fruition during that stage of internet development.

These were the predecessors to viruses. It was able to exploit that weakness, contact another computer in the network, and replicate itself. Because the Morris Worm was self-replicating, it garnered a lot of attention for the vulnerabilities within networked computer systems.

The Internet Revolution and the Digital Future Technology Documentary 2018 - Tech Documentary 2018

It rendered the computers that it targeted inoperable. And, was able to quickly spread throughout the network. This is what led to the development of countermeasures to fight the threat of network invasion and destruction. They worked with other network users to create CERT, which was the first organization designed to employ network security. It was formed in CERT offered network users the necessary security protocol to prevent further breaches.

This is when Arpanet became known as the internet, and it exploded in popularity and user access. Commercial restrictions were eliminated and the public was granted freedom of usage. By the middle of the 90s, network security threats had increased exponentially. This was the necessitating factor for the creation of firewall and antivirus programs.Introduction The Internet is a vast network of computers and other mini-networks all linked together so that everyone can find information, purchase products, or meet new people.

It is easily assessable from home for anyone that has a computer and a modem or at a local library. It has made a huge impact since its introduction to the public and now some people cannot see life without it. It is also relatively new considering it was just about 10 years ago that it was made public and easily accessible to everyone thorough online services. This paper will describe the history of the Internet.

Main Body History. Although originally designed to allow scientists to share data and access remote computers, email quickly becomes the most popular application. The ARPANET becomes a high-speed digital post office as people use it to collaborate on research projects and discuss topics of various interests.

In the InterNetworking Working Group becomes the first of several standards which set entities to govern the growing network. From to the general public starts to get its first vague hint of how networked computers can be used in daily life as the commercial version of the ARPANET goes online. The mids marks a boom in the personal computer and super-minicomputer industries. The combination of inexpensive desktop machines and powerful, network-ready servers allows many companies to join the Internet for the first time.

Corporations begin to use the Internet to communicate with each other and with their customers. By the number of Internet hosts exceeds 1, by the number exceeded 10, and by the number exceededBy the Internet is an essential tool for communications, however it also begins to create concerns about privacy and security in the digital world.

These new worries are dramatically demonstrated on Nov. The Computer Emergency Response Team was formed in and it was their job to address security concerns raised by the Worm.

Originally designed to ease campus communications, gopher is freely distributed on the Internet. The Web now comprises the bulk of Internet traffic. James Gosling and a team of programmers at Sun Microsystems release an Internet programming language called Java, which radically alters the way applications and information can be retrieved, displayed, and used over the Internet.

As the Internet celebrates its 25th anniversary inthe military strategies that influenced its birth become historical footnotes. Approximately 40 million people are connected to the Internet. Users in almost countries around the world are now connected to the Internet.

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The number of computer hosts approaches 10 million. Within 30 years, the Internet has grown from a Cold War concept for controlling the tattered remains of a post-nuclear society to the Information Superhighway. Just as the railroads of the 19th century enabled the Machine Age, and revolutionized the society of the time, the Internet takes us into the Information Age, and profoundly affects the world in which we live. In present day people are telecommuting over the Internet, allowing them to choose where to live based on quality of life, not proximity to work.Essay on the Internet!

These essays will also guide you to learn about the history, impacts, role, uses, benefits, disadvantages and misuse of internet. The internet is an advancement of modern technology that has swept the world off its feet with its vast usage.

Internet is defined as a global network of computers that provides information and communication platforms. People all over the world are now using internet daily. The internet has enabled the growth of society both positively and negatively.

Audience: The below given essays are exclusively written for kids, children and school students Class 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 Standard.

essay about internet use history network

Sending a message to a friend, buying a commodity, finding directions to your destination or simply keeping in touch with friends can all be challenging endeavors. However, the internet has changed the way we relate with our environment and our world in general. You can simply find places on Google maps or stay in touch on Facebook, all have been made possible because of the revolutionary capabilities of the internet. To understand how the internet works, we can simply start from connecting two computers.

Two computers can share files and information if they are connected with something known as the Local Area Network LAN. This connection is usually done by physically attaching a cable to both computers. However, since the advent of satellite technology, it is now possible to connect two computers without any physical cable. The connection could be made by simply sending signals from one computer to the satellite network.

The network in-turn transfers the same message to the second computer. Thus, the internet is a web of computers connected together by satellite. Aside from the obvious uses of the internet which includes file sharing, electronic mails, chatting etc.

Below are a few of those functions:. As the days go by new fields and application of the internet keeps emerging. Recently, people have found that the internet can learn from itself while others have explored the financial applications of the internet.What is internet? It consists of several interconnected networks which provides various information and communication facilities using standardized communication protocols. Internet is also called as a network of networks, which means that it connects millions of computers together worldwide.

As long as computers are connected to internet they can easily communicate with each other. What is WEB? Parents should allow their kids to have access the internet because it allows kids to be more sociable, gives them a head start on learning, and the internet gives kids the ability to learn easier and faster.

The Internet is an electronic way of communicating, socializing and also can also be used as a research tool. With the internet, you have tools like emails, chat services, video streaming or facetiming and more importantly, social networking.

essay about internet use history network

Internet is an electronic communication networks that connects computer networks and organizational computer facilities around the word Merriam-webster. Internet Users are increasing daily the number of internet users where it has increased from 1. This shows that internet is now used in most parts of the world and it is contributing more and more every day.

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Indeed, internet is now an addiction it became part of. Does the internet seclude us to our own little world, or does the internet open up the world to us?

The internet being somewhat new allows us to have access to an abundance of information through out the world. Having this access allows us to educate and be more aware of what is going on around us, not isolate us to one group according to our beliefs or make us narrow minded. Being able to talk with people across the world at our finger tips has given us one touch access to meet many new people and.

The reason for this is that the mistreatment of internet sources has consequences. The internet has made up many aspects of our lives. Everytime you turn on your computer what's the first thing that you open up?

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essay about internet use history network

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